Holiday / surgery / life update!

It’s been some time since I last posted anything here – term 1 has been pretty hectic trying to balance subjects with life, work and everything else, but it’s finally done and dusted!
Currently I’m home resting from a 5 day trip to Hamilton Island, which ended a bit catastrophically with me in hospital undergoing an operation for appendix removal. With Mauro taking care of me throughout, everything went smoothly in the end and while it’s been a pain to move around and do basic things now, it’s getting better with each day.
[I owe a huge thanks to my boyfriend – he was a saint and is still going above and beyond in looking after me. He will be rewarded with games, dinner date and tickets to Alien Covenant xP]
I’m off work at the moment too which is a bit of a bummer during uni holidays, but I’m sure I’ll busy myself again once I’ve recovered and in the mean time I have a lot of tutorials to work through.

It didn’t turn out to be the holiday we’d imagined – from the moment we left we had a continuous bad run of luck and I know somewhere in there I did say “it can’t get any worse”. Of course, one appendix operation later…has taught me not to tempt fate again 😛
Superstitions aside, we came out stronger and that’s all that matters. I have some time now to finally play some games that have been on the back burner since uni began, and a good book to get stuck into. I’ll be posting another update shortly on my first main project at uni, which is featured here in the little sand drawing above!
Thank you for reading !

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