Just a quick note that I’ve added a few extra pages on here with some recent and not-so-recent artwork. Take a look!

I’ve been working on a new project since uni holidays – term’s now begun so progress will slow but it’s basically a Unity remake of an old concept. I made a game in Gamemaker called Yokai back in term 1, and I’ve been hashing out some ideas to do it differently but still maintain the theme.

Everything is still in its early stages, and I expect it’ll be a while yet before a demo is ready, but hoping to learn lots along the way!

I’ve also started learning ZBrush lately so stay tuned for some ugly first attempts xD
I had actually made a decent gryphon head last night but something crashed and I hadn’t saved – went to bed feeling pretty irritated but that’ll teach me! Nevertheless today’s plan is to remake said gryphon head – at least I know I’ll do it quicker the second time round.

Also, getting pretty excited for this:


Happy Sunday


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