So last weekend was my first ever PAX! I was mega privileged to come as a student ambassador with Media Design School at Torrens in Sydney, and throughout the 3 days seeing so many different games and meeting so many lovely people I have come home with a ton of motivation to keep on learning and creating.

There were so many highlights to talk about and even what I’ve managed to put together here won’t cover it – but I absolutely loved the whole event and was super proud to be a part of representing my uni. I got the opportunity to check out all our student work from our very talented New Zealand cohort, as well as other TAFE/uni student games which were all so unique. It’s so encouraging to see tons of successful students that have entered the industry even before they’ve graduated – and MDS Auckland’s Lunar Rooster that did Sky Noon received a grant from Unreal which is amazing!

Another big highlight for me was meeting so many female devs and industry leaders – it was especially encouraging to see all these girls kicking ass! Listening to panel speakers such as IGDA’s Jen Maclean, Helen Stuckey (Program Manager Bachelor of Design (Games), RMIT University), Nicole Stark (Designer/Co-Director, Disparity Games), Brooke Maggs (Director, Burning Glass Creative), Kate Inabinet (Senior Animator, Freelance), Cherie Davidson (Producer, Media Molecule), Serena Bentley (Curator, ACMI) – these were all such inspiring women and they gave insightful advice to girls like me who are wanting to get in to games. Cherie in particular had a very down to earth manner of speaking about working in games which put things in perspective.


Codebreakers: Women in Games panel

I think the main thing I took away from all this is to keep on creating, keep learning and don’t be afraid to make something that people might not like! The best thing about PAX for me was seeing so much variety in the indie games, small teams and large teams working effectively and producing something they believe in. Everyone has their own unique life experience and individual skill sets – and in return we end up with so much diversity in our games.

I had an amazing time, got to also see my closest friends and my family in Melbourne, and made some new ones too! Huge thank you to MDS at Torrens for sending me – now time to get to work and make some games!



ESL and Media Design School at Torrens!


Our booth had some pretty cushy beanbags and our awesome student games to play 🙂



Matty, 3rd year 3D student representing Torrens Melbourne! Playing The Gardens Between which is a beautiful time-bending puzzle game.


We also played Ashen, which was one of my PAX favourites. We met the lead designer  who was super lovely and gave us some Ashen pins! Definitely buying this and telling everyone to do the same 🙂




MDS represent at Indie Showcase!



Meeting Ellen Jurik from Blowfish Studios was a delight! Here demoing Projection, a uniquely beautiful little game where you interact with light and shadows as a puppet!



One of our NZ MDS student games – Grow! Such a relaxing game to chill out to, another one of my fav’s.



Loved this game Original Journey – photos below are taken from their Facebook page as the art really caught my eye. Everything was hand drawn and I love seeing traditional art in games!





Got to hang out with my high school compadre! The lovely Marcy ❤ Pictured here being thoroughly entertained by this tactical card game, Final War.







Thanks for reading, over and out!


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