It’s 2018 already!

I’m so excited to finally be a second year at uni, after a year of digital media and a year of game art. So far it’s been such an amazing journey and I’m really happy with what I’ve achieved – even if it’s just small steps in learning new software and getting through all my coursework. I’m anticipating the year ahead to be packed full of new learning experiences and the opportunity to keep on experimenting and creating! I’ve gotten to meet so many inspiring people as well which is a great motivator.

I feel like I’ve said this before but so much has happened since my last post on PAX, and it’s been a busy time up until now with only 2 weeks of holidays left! I’ve put the time to good use though and have started working on something new in Unity, which I’ve been planning ideas for since last year. I’ve been super inspired by games like Ori, Child of Light, Fez and Rime – to make my own adventure platformer. I’m interested in themes of isolation, environment, Japanese spirits or kami, and motherhood. The character concept actually came from the kodama in Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke, which is one of my favourite films and was also an inspiration for Ori.

I’ve been brushing up on my 2D art and I’ve begun putting some atmospheric scenes together, to guage a feel for story and mechanics.

Here’s a little taster, I’ve added more details in Game Art.


In other news, I bought a motorbike and got my learner licence! So I’m getting up to speed with riding which has been so much fun. After being a pillion for the past two years, I really wanted to try on my own and my fiance has been super patient with teaching me.

We also just got back from Fiji, which was the best holiday to date (no appendixes out this time!). We stayed on Tokoriki Island and went snorkelling on the reef every day, making friends with reef sharks, cuttlefish and lots of beautifully coloured fish – even a sea turtle! There was so much to explore and it definitely made us want to travel again. The middle of the day is unbearably hot unless you’re in the water, and it was nice to find a secluded part of the island to watch the sun go down during low tide.


2018 is off to a great start!

Thank you for reading and wishing everyone a safe and happy year.


One Reply to “2018”

  1. What a neat platformer idea! Lovely art and the main character reminds me a bit of the kodama from Princess Mononoke. I always loved that movie 🙂 Hope you are able to bring your game into reality! Also cool vacation! Apparently I went to Fiji before I was born lol obviously I don’t remember any of it! So it’d be cool to go back some time. It seems like a beautiful place. Great for rest and relaxation. Cheers!


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