About Me



I’m Sheree, welcome to my blog.


I’m from Melbourne, Australia, and I study Game Art with Media Design School at Torrens University.

I like drawing, collaborating and experimenting, and I want to be part of making something artistic that people can connect with in a meaningful way. As well as improving my skills in 3D modelling and concept art, I am also working on a game in Unity that will hopefully be close to finished by the time I graduate.

A few of my favourites:








A brief description of me:

I have drawn, painted and created all my life. Before moving to Sydney this year, I was studying a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) and riding horses.

After art school I pursued my passion for horses, and this led me to work with some of the best professional riders in Australia.
It also took me to Portugal, where classical dressage is still practised as an art form as well as a sport.



An A3 biro sketch of Lusitano stallion “Destinado”


It was only until I had a serious injury that life suddenly took a turn – whilst working as a riding instructor I had a bad fall and suffered a kick to the face, breaking my cheek and jaw bones and nearly missing my right eye. I wouldn’t recommend it but it actually led to a serendipitous chain of events – meeting my fiance, moving to Sydney and going back to university.


This blog will track my progress and student life throughout the course, and I hope to look back some day and see just how far I’ve come!


Game GIFS/Images:

  1. Ori and the Blind Forest
  2. Journey
  3. ABZU
  4. The Last Guardian
  5. Monument Valley
  6. FEZ

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