Ki No Kami has begun development and is intended to be a short narrative 2D platformer made in Unity. I have mulled over several story ideas, and am still experimenting with a lot of the art to see what can work with the aesthetic I want.
My aim is to have a really basic demo ready by mid 2018. I have taken inspiration from one of my favourite platformers, Ori & the Blind Forest, as well as a love of Studio Ghibli films and animations by Michaël Dudok de Wit. My goal for this game is really just to learn through some good old trial and error and see what I can come up with!

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This project was designed as an artefact for one of my uni subjects in Term 3, 2017. Our brief was to pick a taboo theme in video games and respond accordingly.
Flux is a 3D platformer based on my experience of living with someone with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).
The game centers around an island that relates to the experience of living with someone who has narcissistic and/or borderline personality disorder. The island reflects the instability of the condition, and the destructiveness and isolation that accompany it for both the individual and their loved ones.


In Flux, a grey, low-poly island changes form with fragments or platforms either sinking, disintegrating or being driven up out of the water momentarily. Walls rise up and block paths, and debris falls from above. The atmosphere is bleak, with a downpour of rain and sounds of thunder.
The player must avoid staying in water and survive by finding platforms to stand on.
The island is fragmented and constantly shifting, so the player must constantly head for higher ground to maintain health and avoid treading water, which decreases health.


This was my first game created for a student project.  Yōkai is an adventure 2D platformer developed in Gamemaker.


This game was also my first foray in to making pixel art, as well as designing levels. I’m not much of a game designer, and I definitely got lost in putting the art together and trying to get it to look cohesive. I also learned super basic animations with 2D sprites and a bit of parallaxing with layering the backgrounds. All in all I loved the process and it was done in 4 weeks – making games is hard!!