Ki No Kami



Ki No Kami is a 2D platformer currently being developed in Unity. It is a personal project with the sole goal of learning through creating and experimentation.

What does Ki No Kami mean?

‘Ki No Kami’ can be translated from Japanese to ‘The Spirit in the Tree’, and the game itself is loosely derived from the concept of the spiritual deities from ancient Shinto folklore. Also known as Jiyushin, Shinboku (神木), or Kodama (古多万), they were believed to dwell in sacred trees, said to protect those who worship them.

The game is both inspired by this concept, as well as an homage to the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke, which featured Kodama as benevolent guides of the forest.

What is Ki No Kami about?

The game is intended to be a short narrative about a young tree sprite, as it journeys deeper in to the Forest. It explores themes of isolation, friendship and a universal connection to nature, set within a lush environment.


drop and bloom.pnghollow4.pngForest_OutoftheHollow.pngtest_leaf2.pngwaterfall concept.pnghollow3hollow2